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Attributes Cord Blood Bone Marrow
Quantity of Cells Present High Low
Collection Process Quick and Painless - Non Intrusive Slow and Often Painful - Intrusive
Chance of an Exact Match to Child 100% (Guaranteed Match) 0.001% (1 in 100,000)
Possibility to Transform Can transform into blood, brain, immune and metabolic cells Can only transform into blood cells
Availability of a Transplant Match Instant - No donor required – Cells are available upon request No guarantee of finding a matching donor
% Match required to Transplant 66% (4/6 HLA Types) 75% (6/8 HLA Types)
Length of Transplant Less than 24 hours in an emergency Usually 2 months (or more) if a donor is found
Shelf Life Cryo-preserved Cord blood can be stored for at least 28 years Bone Marrow can only be stored for a maximum of a few months
Graft Vs Host Disease GvHD less frequent, usually less severe and easier to treat GvHD is more common as transplant match is lower with bone marrow than cord blood

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